Which suit fit is right for me

Getting the right suit fit and look can be crucial in a workplace. Turn up looking like you’re wearing your dad’s too large suit from the 70’s and kiss goodbye to your career prospects. So how do you know what to wear? The simple suit guide below will guide you through the minefield of mens suits. Whether you require a slim fit. A slightly larger fit. If you want to look authoritative or not. It’s all there for you.

Pair it with a collar and cuffs of your choice, get the tie right and you’ll look amazing. Before you get into the guide though. Here’s a little advice I have learnt over the years. Buying a bespoke suit is always the best way. Don’t look at it as a cost, look at it as an investment. As long as you look after it and don’t get fat, a good suit will last you years.

However, I also understand that bespoke can be out of the price range of most younger people just starting out. If that’s the case, once you have your off the shelf suit, go see a tailor. Spend the $50 – $100 to have it brought in and made to fit you better. It will look better on you and give you more confidence.

Lasltly, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color. It could be a pocket square or socks. A little personalisation will help you stand out as long as you don’t over do it. Keep it simple with block colors or strips. Now on to the guide.

Which suit fit is right for me

suit fit

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