Need To know Color Names? Let Me Help


When it comes to color names, it can be extremely difficult to remember the difference between them. Plum or Sangria? Azure or Cobalt? Honestly, I would have no idea. That is, I wouldn’t unless I had this pretty handy chart with the different color names on it.

This all came about after trying to decide with my partner exactly what color the walls in our home were. It may have led to some cross words and then all the way to this post that you see in front of you. Moral of the story, never do DIY with your loved ones.

Anyway, if you’re ever struggling to place color names, take a look at the charts below.

Great for using to decide paint colors, descriptions in a book or to help the design of your blog or website. And if you need the html codes to go with any of the names below be sure to check out this very handy site: html color codes.

So next time your significant other tells you the walls are pearl, you can smugly point out that they are actually alabaster. Not that I would, obviously…………..

Color Names Charts


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