Male Grooming – Stylish Hacks For Men

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Male grooming was almost a dirty word when I was growing up. Fortunately times have changed. Men have much more choice when it comes to style than they used to. And there is a whole industry devoted to male grooming.

But this can lead to other problems for the modern man. It can be difficult to know where to start and a fashion faux pas can easily become part of your entrenched style. You need to remember to move with the times. Don’t get stuck in a fashion or grooming rut.

So if you want to look your best, check out our list of essential male grooming and style tips. After all, looking good not only gives you more confidence, it will also help boost your professional and romantic life too!

Male Grooming – Stylish Hacks For Men

  1. First and foremost. You must periodically throw away your old clothes. Worn out, unfashionable or just plain un-wearable. Throw it out. Nothing will motivate you to invest in your wardrobe more than a lack of choices.
  2. Change up your hairstyle. Most men settle on one hairstyle and keep it forever. This is not the way to do it. Re-invent yourself from time to time with a new do.
  3. Learn how to take care of your clothes properly. Washing and care symbols on your clothes are there for a reason!
  4. Keep it simple. By timeless, quality pieces that go with any look and don’t date. They also pair well with your cheaper items and lift a whole look. A decent wallet, shoes, belt and watch will make any outfit look better.
  5. Cut and clean your nails / nose hair / other hair. This should be self-explanatory but unfortunately to some, it’s not!
  6. Facial Hair? Make sure it’s trimmed, neat and clean. It’s not going to look suave and sophisticated if you have a cheerio stuck in your unkempt beard.
  7. Layer your clothes. It’s a great way to create different looks and style and keeps you looking fresh.
  8. ┬áDon’t have a lot to spend on clothes? Go the minimal wardrobe route. With just 20 of so clothing items, you can have a complete look.
  9. Get the right cut of suit for you. Different cuts give different styles and work better with different body types. An added tip. If you can’t afford a high quality tailored suit (and let’s face it, most of us can’t!), buy a good fitting off the shelf suit and have it taken in for you. It should not cost the earth and will make the suit fit you much better.
  10. Still using your old bag or rucksack from school? Upgrade it! Invest in a quality leather man bag or rucksack. Congratulations, you now look like an adult!
  11. Accent your style with color. Who say’s corporate wear has to be boring? Stand out in one of these three ways. Add a colorful tie, pocket square or socks to your wardrobe.
  12. Get the right jacket for you. A good fitting coat in the right style say’s something about you. That old coat you’ve had for years. The one no longer is style say’s hobo. This will not help your professional or romantic prospects.
  13. Good shirts will have collar stays in them. These are little pieces of plastic that you find in the collars. It keeps your collar crisp and firm. Great for keeping you looking at your professional best all day long.


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