Laundry Symbols Guide



Alright, it’s time for a laundry symbols guide. Honestly, this is as much for me as it is for anyone else! Let’s face it, trying to decipher the tab inside your clothes can be like trying to read hieroglyphics at times.

Which of course leads to ruined clothes. Which you then have to replace. And so the cycle (geddit?) continues. Well, I for one am sick of it, so today I want to show you this great laundry symbols guide that I stumbled across.

So no more excuses.  Stop throwing them on the daily wash and hoping for the best. No more ruined clothes or looking like something the cat dragged in. You (and I) can finally understand what the hell those tags are talking about and keep our clothes looking as good as they can for longer.

Share the infographic below, download it and keep it handy.

Laundry Symbols Guide

laundry symbols

Source: WSJ

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