Create The Perfect Home Office

creating the perfect home office

I work from home. And so do a lot of people I know. But creating the perfect home office to work from is hard. We are all looking for different things from our space. Personally, I wanted to simplify and pare mine back, while making it brighter and airier.

Until a few days ago, I worked in our “spare” bedroom. I had a big desk and plenty of space to spread out. But, it faced the wall and I always felt like I was stuck away in a corner.

After seeing the below infographic from Heighton Buckley I decided that enough was enough. Time to change it up and create the office I deserved.

My old office was all dark wood (to match the furniture already in the room). It always felt dark and dingy in there. And because of the placement of the window, if I did not have the blinds at least partially drawn, the screen was hard to use. All of this added up to create an atmosphere that was harder to work in.

So I set my plan in motion. Using the design tips below, I upgraded my work area.

The first thing I did is take my office into my main bedroom. Now, I am lucky because my bedroom is pretty big. It also means that I get light without being in the direct line of sunlight.

I made sure the space blends in with my other bedroom furniture and more importantly, that it was light in color! No more dark wood!

I also pared back my desk, I now have enough space without feeling as though I’m at a CEO meeting!

All in all, it has really helped me to focus my “work” mind. Check out the tips below and maybe give it a try yourself.

Oh, and as an added bonus, I sold my old desk for more money than the new one cost! So double result!

Create The Perfect Home Office

Create The Perfect Home Office

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