Create a retractable USB cable featured
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Create a retractable USB cable

All you need for this is: A USB cable (duh), a pencil and a hairdryer. It would also help if you had a couple of rubber bands but they are not essential. ¬†Wrap the USB cable around the pencil. Secure ends of pencil with rubber bands to stop USB cable slipping off. Heat the USB […]

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Lego makes a great USB Cable Tidy

With the amount of cables we now have, it’s becoming more and more of a pain to store them. As I sit here, I can count an iPod cable, a USB phone charger cable, A USB GoPro charging cable and also a cable to charge my fitbit. Which is frankly ridiculous! Seriously, just standardise the […]


Customize the look of your pc folders

Everyone under 70 now knows the basics of computing. But they all look the same (give or take). Boring beige folders on your desktop. This not only makes it harder to find folders easier, it’s also rather impersonal. But you can change the looks of your folders. I don’t just mean right clicking and changing […]