Winter proof your shoes – Here’s How

how to winter proof your shoes

Here’s another great infographic from the people over at shoezone. With winter in full effect, keeping your feet warm and dry is important. There is nothing worse than having wet, cold feet. It makes you miserable and can lead to long term problems with your feet. To that end they have provided a bunch of hacks to winter proof your shoes and how to care for them over the coming holiday season.

I have picked out a few of my favorites but if you scroll down you can also see the full infographic.

  • Make woolen insoles for added warmth. This is a great idea, A few things I would add are these. Make sure your shoes are a little oversized, as you will need the extra space! Also, if you remove the insoles, you can use them as a guide to create your woolen inserts.
  • Use an old tray with pebbles to store your muddy footwear. I love this idea! Not only does it look cool, but it’s really practical too!
  • Carry spare socks! There is nothing worse than having wet feet when walking. It’s uncomfortable and can make a real mess of your feet.
  • Don’t put wet shoes on the radiator. It will ruin them. Cracking the material and making them stiff. Instead, fill them with old newspaper to dry them out.

Winter proof your shoes – Here’s How

Winter proof your shoes - Here's How


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