Vacation scams that everyone should know

Vacation scams that everyone should know about

Vacations can be stressful at the best of times. Making sure you have your passport. Getting to the airport on time. The inevitable delay for the plane. It all adds up, good job you’re going on vacation to de-stress! It’s all worth it though when you get to that pristine beach or historic old town.

But there is a seedier side to vacations. That’s the vacation scams. You have to be ready for them wherever you go. No matter if it’s somewhere like Brazil, where everyone is aware of danger or London, where people think you are always safe. If you were wondering, London is known for scamming tourists with street games, fake tickets and pickpockets.

However, using this handy guide below should keep you in the know and able to spot a scam a mile off.

So next time you are travelling, take a quick look and see what scams are being performed at your destination.

Be safe, be aware people!

Vacation Scams


Vacation Scams

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