Vacation Hacks You Should Know

19 Vacation Hacks You Should Know

Vacations are great. They give us the chance to unwind. Opportunity to try new experiences with people we love. Whether that is new food, mountain climbing, a boat trip, museums or a play. They help us to build memories and bonds.

But, they are a total pain to book. And an even bigger pain to travel to. That’s why I decided to put together a list of the best vacation hacks out there. To reduce your stress and make your vacation that little bit more special.

 Vacation Hacks You Should Know

Vacation Hacks: Booking / Before You Travel
  • Always make sure you use private browsing / incognito mode when surfing the web for flights and hotels. You do this because travel sites save cookies on your computer that let them know if you have been there before. If you have, the price is likely to rise. Make sure this does not happen to you.
  • When should you buy your airline tickets? Check out the guide below.

Vacation Hacks - When to buy tickets

  • Scan your important documents. Take a picture of your passports, booking confirmations etc. If you lose that information, having a backup will be invaluable.
  • Let your credit card company know you are going away. You don’t want them shutting down your card due to suspicious activity!
  • Going somewhere unfamiliar? Make sure you download an offline area on Google Maps before you go.
Vacation Hacks: Packing
  • Struggling to git everything into your suitcase? Have you tried rolling your clothes instead? This technique will allow you to fit loads more into your suitcase. It can’t, however, do anything about weight limits on your suitcase! Also, as an added bonus, insert a dryer sheet into your suitcase. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh until you need them.
  • Pill containers and glasses cases are great for storing your jewellery and assorted cables in. These are great little organisers that don’t take up much space. Give them a try!
  • Socks and underwear fit inside shoes easily. This frees up more space inside your suitcase.
  • Packing more than one case? Mix up your clothes a little. Why? If either case gets lost en route, you all still have at least some clothes that you can wear.
  • Always take a travel adapter with you! Unless you want to spend two weeks without any electronic devices.
  • If you can, wear your heaviest shoes to board the plane. This will free up valuable weight in your suitcase.
Vacation Hacks: Travelling / At The Resort
  • Request your suitcase is marked as fragile. This will ensure its placed on top of all the other bags. Meaning it is less likely to be damaged.
  • Two of you travelling with no assigned airline seats? Sit with the middle seat free. Nobody likes sitting in the middle seat, so you might end up with free space between you!
  • This brilliant site below shows you a list of airport wi-fi passwords. No more having to use your data plan up!

  • Leaving your car at the airport? Take a picture of where you parked it. Tired, travel weary you will be glad you did on your return!
  • Security checks at the airport? Try to stand in line with others who look like frequent fliers (people wearing business attire). These people have done it all before and their line will go down much quicker.
  • Don’t get scammed! Check out our list of the most common scams thieves will try to pull on unsuspecting tourists.
  • Use an empty chapstick container to conceal emergency money. Nobody is going to ever suspect it!
  • Planning on going to a major tourist attraction? Want pictures of it without all the tourists? Follow our guide here.
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