How To Transfer VHS Tapes To My PC

How To Transfer VHS Tapes To My PC

Today we are going to help you answer the question of “how to transfer vhs tapes to my pc”. You might be wondering why anyone would need to answer this question. Here’s why. VHS tapes have a lifespan of around 15 to 25 years. Which means that all those home movies you have are now in danger of being lost forever. So if you want to keep all your old memories, you need to transfer them now. And for that, you need an analogue to digital adapter. Personally, I would go for the Elgato. It might be slightly more expensive at around $80, but for that you get a product that works across Mac and PC products with a consistently high user rating.

How To Transfer VHS Tapes To My PC

  • Install the software that came with your analogue to digital adapter.
  • Connect the audio video cables to your VCR. These will consist of a red, yellow and white cable.
  • Connect the adapter to your computer using the usb port.
  • Open the application on your computer and follow the instructions.
  • Hit record on your program and then press play on your VCR.
  • Wait for the software to record the VHS tape in real-time.
  • You’re done! At this point you can trim your video or finish.


If you are still unsure, here’s a great quick video for how to use the Elgato capture device.



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