Time Saving Wrapping Tips

time saving wrapping tips

I have a confession to make. It’s a biggy. I hate wrapping Christmas presents. As in, really, really hate it. Every year I make a complete mess of it. I just cannot manage to wrap my head around (pun intended) how you are meant to make the paper go nice and tidy. And I thought it would remain a mystery forever.

Which is why I love this infographic from 13ten.com. Not only does it have a load of interesting information, it’s also packed full of time-saving wrapping tips, tricks and ideas. Below I have listed my favorite ones. Scroll below that to check out the entire infographic.

Time Saving Wrapping Tips

  • Ripcord easy open wrapping. All you have to do is add some ribbon to the inside of your parcel that can be pulled. I love that as an idea. Great for kids or the elderly.
  • When wrapping soft items, reinforce with cardboard.
  • Use a colorful stretch fabric to wrap gifts. Now you’re talking! Makes it so much easier for us wrapping challenged folks!
  • Japanese Furoshiki. Again love this! Use a piece of cloth to fold around your parcel then tie in a knot. Another great one for those who are crap at wrapping. And you can tell them it’s a trendy Japanese thing!
  • Cereal box into a gift box. Brilliant idea for those awkward shaped gifts.
  • Wrap your parcel in brown paper and twine for that vintage look. I confess I did this just the other day. Not because I thought it would look cool. I actually ran out of wrapping paper! But yes, it does look cool. As an added tip, dampen the twine before tying. As it dries, it will shrink and be more secure on the parcel.

These are my favorites but the infographic is packed full of other useful tips and advice. Check it out:

Time Saving Wrapping Tips

Source: http://www.13-ten.com/blog/ultimate-guide-wrapping-packing-sending-christmas-presents/

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