Things You Need To Know Before Going Camping

Going Camping

Going camping can be a really fun way to spend a vacation. Not only is it generally cheap, it reconnects you too. No gadgets for people to stare at, to tv, just you, a tent and good conversation.

But camping needs to be planned properly for you to be able to enjoy it fully. And if you’re not an experienced outdoorsy type, you need to make sure you’re fully armed with all the knowledge you need to make it an enjoyable experience.

Things You Need To Know Before Going Camping

1. Make a list of everything you’re going to need. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no shops for miles is not the time to discover you forgot something.

2. Make your own fire lighters and windproof matches:

3. Don’t forget tinfoil! Cooking over an open fire is an art form. Tinfoil allows you to keep flavor and moisture in your cooking and can also be used to serve the food afterwards.

4. Put pancake batter into a squeezy bottle for ease of use.

5. You have a cooler full of food and bottles of water. Freeze your water before you leave and place the bottles in the cooler. You now have ice packs that don’t take up any extra room.

6. Place your toilet roll inside a plastic bottle, like this:

camping toilet paper

7. This is an old trick but it works. To make windproof matches easily, do this:

Windproof Matches Going Camping

8. Keep bugs at bay by putting dried sage on the fire.

9. Foam floor tiles make a lovely soft floor for your tent.

10. Make single use soap bars by peeling a bar of soap with a potato peeler. They dissolve as you use them, leaving nothing to clean up.

11. Make a bright light using nothing more than a jug of water and a headlamp:

12. Know how to make a water filter in an emergency:

Water Filter Going Camping

13. Use a belt to make utensil holders:


14. Know how to identify and avoid poison ivy:


15. If you have no kindling for the fire, use doritos. No, seriously. They work amazingly well!

16. Learn how to make a camping shower. Full instructions can be found here.

Make A DIY Shower

Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments section.

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