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Rubik’s Cube Solution – Learn How

I’m a child of the 80’s. So I can remember the original Rubik’s cube and how hard it was to complete. I actually was able to solve it and the snake that they released after. And for me it was not as simple as googling Rubik’s cube solution. Or peeling the stickers off and sticking them back on in order. Admit it, you know you did it too! You actually had to work it out for yourself. Which was ok cause back then there wasn’t much else to do anyway!

However, now we are all much busier, have less attention to devote to puzzles and just less patience overall. So let’s go through how to solve a Rubik’s cube so you can impress your friends, win the love of your life and become a millionaire, probably.

Rubik’s Cube Solution – Learn How

Rubik's Cube Solution - Learn How

Or how about a video?

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