Peel Garlic Quickly Using Only A Jar

Peel Garlic Quickly Featured Pic

This is legitimately amazing! You can peel garlic quickly using just a jar. How? Well not to spoil the video below but it’s insanely easy. All you do is place a bulb of garlic into a jar. Seal the lid. And shake.

As a person who used to work in the food industry and has peeled 1000’s of bulbs of garlic, I’m shocked I didn’t know about this food hack. Like, seriously shocked. Peeling garlic and wrapping filo parcels still gives me PTSD even today, years after leaving the trade. I now try to only use easy garlic in a jar or paste. It never tastes quite as good. But now I know an easy way to peel garlic quickly, I will go back to using fresh bulbs instead.

To the folks over at the Diply Youtube Channel, thanks a lot for this great tip. I just wish I had known about it years ago……….

Peel Garlic Quickly Using Only A Jar

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