Money Saving Life Hacks

money saving life hacks - easy way to save cash

When it comes to money saving life hacks, I like to keep it simple. It’s all well and good writing an essay to save you money. And in some cases it’s justified. But today we are going to talk about quick and easy money saving life hacks.

Money Saving Life Hacks

  1. Don’t have a website promo code? PLEASE works more often than you would think. After all, manners matter.
  2. Keep your grocery receipts and scan them into apps like Ibotta or Checkout 51 to grab cash rebates.
  3. Buying something online? Add the item to your cart and leave it there for 72 hours. Some sites will email you, offering you a discount to purchase it.
  4. Need a new car? Buy at the end of the month when sales people are more desperate to hit their quotas and will give you a better deal.
  5. Clear your cache or use incognito (private mode) while looking for flights and holidays. Sites track you and adjust prices based on your behaviour.
  6. Make too many “impulse” purchases online? Remove your details from your devices. That way, when it comes to impulse time, you have to fill all your details in, giving you time to reconsider.
  7. Library time! Borrow books, movies and audiobooks from the library for free! Why spend money on something you will consume once if you don’t have to?
  8. Get generic prescriptions. Most medicine comes in a generic form, talk to your doctor about switching from name brands.
  9. Shopping online? Before you click buy, check out retailmenot for promo codes.
  10. Shoes, mattresses, furniture, tools and clothes. These are all items that you should be looking at the quality of. Buying cheap items will leave you replacing them sooner in the long run. Costing you more money and time.
  11. Replace your lightbulbs with LED’s. They will last up to 20 times longer and use 20% less energy. So why haven’t you switched yet?
  12. Gas, electric, insurance. Renewal time. Even if you are too lazy to switch suppliers, always tell them you are thinking of leaving and renegotiate your bills. It’s always worth the extra few minutes spent on the phone.
  13. Make sure your credit card gives you cash back!
  14. Make sure you buy your goods at the right time of the year! Check out the chart below from the budget saving life hacks
  15. Don’t go grocery shopping hungry! You’ll impulse buy crap you don’t need. Go after eating and you will only get what’s on your list.
  16. Each week, try to have a “zero dollar day”. I.e. a day when you try to spend absolutely no money whatsoever.
  17. Don’t buy expensive air fresheners like Fabreeze. Fill a spray bottle with water and add a couple of fragranced dryer sheets instead.
  18. Save 100’s of dollars a year by using an outdoor clothesline to dry your clothes rather than a dryer.
  19. Change the text of any document you need to printer to grey. You will save tons of cash in printer ink in the long run.
  20. Research has shown that if you pay in cash, you usually spend less. So when possible, carry cash with you rather than resorting to plastic.
  21. And last but not least. Swap name brand for stores own brands. With a lot of these brands, they taste identical and can net you a significant saving over the course of a year.

There we have it, 21 easy to implement money saving life hacks. If you think there are any obvious ones we have missed, let us know in the comments. Until next time…….

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