Make The Right Decision – Cognitive Biases

Everyone makes bad decision occasionally. But some do it more than others. And we all know that one person who just makes bad decision after bad decision. But how do we make the right decision? I’m not talking about some of the time. But most, if not all of the time.

You see, a human brain is a complex thing. The world is chock full of information and it’s hard to filter it all. This leads us to have cognitive biases. A cognitive bias is basically the ability to make a completely illogical decision based on our reading of a person or situation.

But a cognitive bias can be broken down into subsets. My favorite has to be the availability heuristic, which states that people overestimate the importance of information available to them. This has led to situations like the anti-vaccine movement. Despite the entire movement being founded on a discredited study, the availability of the information pulls people in and a combination of the anchoring bias and availability heuristic keeps them there.

Below is a list from Business Insider that gives the 20 most common cognitive biases and be knowing them, you will be able to ignore them when it comes time to make the right decision. Pull yourself free from the crowd. Base your decision in logic and reason, rather than fears, doubts and pre-conceived nonsense.

Make The Right Decision – Cognitive Biases

Make the right decision - Cognitive Bias

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