Lego makes a great USB Cable Tidy

With the amount of cables we now have, it’s becoming more and more of a pain to store them. As I sit here, I can count an iPod cable, a USB phone charger cable, A USB GoPro charging cable and also a cable to charge my fitbit. Which is frankly ridiculous! Seriously, just standardise the bloody cables!

Unfortunately for me, I am also forever losing cables or dropping them behind my desk. I then have to go to the trouble of moving everything out and retrieving them.

But I recently discovered¬†that Lego men (and women) have perfectly sized hands to make a great USB cable tidy. It’s true! Below you can see my very own Lego person USB cable tidy. It’s made it much easier to keep track of my cables, looks cool and cost me nothing.

With the explosion of Lego popularity recently, I reckon most folks have Lego laying around in their house, so do as I did and take back control of your cables!

Make a USB Cable Tidy with Lego People

Lego USB Cable Tidy


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