Indoor Air Quality – 15 Plants To Improve It

Indoor Air Quality Featured

Indoor air quality is something that most of us never even think about. Not even for a second. But we really should. Our respiratory system is massively important to us. And in this world of increasing pollution, we should be doing everything we can to improve our environment. So when I came across this great infographic I had to share it. It was made by Alan’s Factory Outlet¬†and covers a multitude of situations.

It explains what toxin each plant will remove and even goes into detail about care needs and whether it will be safe for your pets or not. But the best thing of all is this. All the plants featured here are low maintenance! Which (especially in my case) is great. No more dead plants and I get to improve my indoor air quality! A win – win.

Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Indoor Air Quality – 15 Plants To Improve It

Indoor Air Quality

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