Grab yourself an unlimited free vpn
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Grab yourself an unlimited free vpn

Just for those who don’t know. Let’s very briefly go through what a vpn is. A virtual private network gives a user the ability to spoof where they are on the internet. So you could make it look like you are in the UK, America, Germany or elsewhere. This works using a server in the target country for all your traffic. Everything you do online is then passed through this server. Giving the appearance that you are actually in that country.

Now, usually, these services cost money. You can get ones that offer a very small amount of free traffic a month, such as tunnelbear. However, it is small, such as 500mb. Ok for testing, but even just browsing, this will be eaten up quickly.

You might be wondering why you should even care. After all, why would you want to pretend to be somewhere you’re not? Well, how about this. Netflix offers different content in different regions, so you could grab new tv shows and movies. Or how about watching the BBC from the UK, replete with no adverts and more content. It’s also great for security and less tracking of your movements. Or you might be in a country with some websites are restricted, this will bypass it. There are loads of reasons to use a vpn.

So, the question is, how do you grab yourself an unlimited free vpn? Simple. Download the Opera browser. It’s free, based on Chrome, has built-in adblock software and features an unlimited free vpn. Seriously, no sign ups, trial offers, nothing. All you do have to do is this. Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > Enable VPN. Done. Now in your browser bar you will see a vpn sign. Click it and chose the country you wish to appear from. If this sounds a little confusing, check out the video below for how to it works.

Grab yourself an unlimited free vpn


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