Gordon Ramsay – How To Fillet A Fish

How To Fillet A Fish

In a fit of excitement, you bought that amazing looking salmon from the fishmongers. You just couldn’t help it. Your mind lit up with recipes and idea’s for what you are going to do with it. Only thing is, now that you’re home, you have no idea how to fillet a fish. None. Nada.

But don’t worry, cause we have got your back with this great video of Gordon Ramsay breaking down an entire fish.

When it comes to wanting to learn how to fillet a fish, there can only be one person you want to learn from. Gordon Ramsay is not the character you see on Kitchen Nightmares. He’s actually a very patient teacher. As you will see in the video below. Not only will he teach you how to skin and de-bone a salmon, but he will make sure that you use every last bit of meat on the fish.

He also makes sure you understand and appreciate the science of cooking and preparing fish and teaches you how to use your knife correctly. It’s an amazing video and shows the level of respect he has for the food he cooks.

How To Fillet A Fish With Gordon Ramsay

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