Frozen Food – What Are The Rules?

This is something that I have never been certain of. Just how long can you keep frozen food frozen? I know most people just throw stuff in there and use it when they get around to it. But, I can’t do that. You see, I used to work as a chef. So I have a sense of doom from even thinking about using food from the freezer when I don’t know how old it is.

And before you kill me for not knowing how long things last in there, listen to this. In professional kitchens, food stock is constantly monitored and used quickly. So I never needed to know how long each item would need to last.

But now I do. So as part of my learning, I thought I should also help to educate everyone else at the same time. Might as well, right? So underneath you will find a long list of frozen food items. Broken down into their food groupings. This great list is courtesy of Who have done all of the pesky research for us!

Before we get on to the main reason for this article, there is a little tip I want to share with you. And it links in pretty well with freezer labels. When you place food in your freezer, make sure you write the date it was frozen somewhere on the packaging. You can do this using freezer labels, with a blank white sticker or just writing on the packaging with a marker pen. It will really help you to keep track of your food. I also need to follow my own advice with this too. As although it was second nature for me when in the “trade”, it’s not something I do at home.

Anyway, on to the point of this post.

Frozen Food – What Are The Rules?

Frozen Food - What Are The Rules

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