Find Your Determination – Usain Bolt Behind The Scenes

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Usain Bolt is the fastest man who has ever lived. He’s broken multiple records. He is a serial winner at all levels of competition. How can he help you find your determination you ask? Check out this great short video on his behind the scenes training. You see, all we ever see is him effortlessly sailing across the winning line. Runners trailing in his wake. And we put it down to talent. The fact that he is special. An outlier.

What we don’t see is the countless hours spent training. Also, the fact that he does not enjoy the training.

He feels the same pain, the same doubts that we all do. There are days where he wants to give up. Just go home, put his feet up and not bother with all the exertion. But he doesn’t do that. He works so hard he makes himself sick. He trains that hard, hisĀ family won’t come to watch. He might be an outlier, but it’s his determination that allows him to extract every ounce of his potential and unleash it in competition.

And that’s the key to success in life. Motivation will only take you so far. It also tends to max and wane. Making for troughs and peaks in your progress. However, if you find your determination and really push through, your success will be much more profound and linear. Make that sacrifice every single day.

Let’s face it, Usain is now one of the most successful athletes of all time. His records will last for decades (at least). He has more money than he can ever need. But yet he still finds the determination to get up each day and face the world head on. To be better than he was yesterday.

What’s your excuse?

Find Your Determination – Usain Bolt Behind The Scenes

If the above video won’t play in your country, click here to watch it on YouPak.



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