Egg Substitutions – What Are The Options?

Egg Substitutions Featured

I love eggs. Absolutely swear by them and eat them almost every single day of my life. They are full of protein and despite what people say, the cholesterol found in eggs is not harmful to you. But not everyone feels the same about them. My brother-in-law absolutely despises them. And one of my friends is actually allergic to them!

This got me thinking, what, if any, are good egg substitutions to use? What are the options for people who either dislike or are allergic to eggs?

So I got to googling. And that’s when I stumbled upon the infographic below. It’s courtesy of Swanson vitamins and gives loads of great egg substitutions. Check it out, bookmark it and refer to it the next time you are struggling.

Egg Substitutions – What Are The Options?

Egg Substitutions - What Are The Options?

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