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How To Eat Healthy - Featured

How to eat healthy. It’s a question most of us ask ourselves from time to time. Before we go straight back into our old routines and bad habits. Telling ourselves we will diet and lose the weight. But the problem with diets is that they end. And then people tend to put the weight back on. What you need is a lifestyle change. Make a commitment to eat 80 – 90% clean. That way, you still have room to enjoy yourself while making a healthier you.

To help you eat more healthily, below you will find some of the best infographics around, detailing everything from recipes, to low carb options. Combine this new found knowledge with meal prepping and you’ve got yourself the basic’s of a healthy lifestyle.

How To Eat Healthy Guide

Five Minute Healthy Meals

how to eat healthy - five minute dinners

Source: Women’s Health

Low Carb Food Swaps

How to eat healthy - Low Carb Swaps

Source: MyFitnessPal

Control Portions With Your Hand

How to eat healthy - Hand Guide

Source: Guard Your Health

High Fiber Foods

How to eat healthy - High Fibre Foods

Source: The Little Pine

Guide To Smoothie Making

How to eat healthy - Smoothie Guide

Source: Daily Burn

Marinating Meats

How to eat healthy - marinating times

Source: Buzzfeed

Make The Perfect Salad

How to eat healthy - make the perfect salad

Source: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Make Overnight Oats

How to eat healthy - overnight oats

Source: Fit Ful Focus

How To Add Protein To Your Meals

How to eat healthy - Adding Protein

Guide To Stir Frying

How to eat healthy - stir frying

Source: CookSmarts


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