How To Deal With Depression – Simple Things

How To Deal With Depression - Simple Things

How to deal with depression. It’s a question that increasingly, more of us want an answer to. In our increasingly connected world, full of happy social media posts, rich celebrities and constant comparisons, it’s no wonder the average person’s mental health is suffering. It’s enough to make you pull the covers over your head and hope the world goes away. Unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” answer. Today, I wanted to show you a few simple things you can do to help ease your symptoms. Obviously, when it comes to depression and how to deal with it, seeing a medical professional is the best thing for you.

My post today is aimed at those of you who struggle. Those who need a little extra. Think of it as trying to care for your soul a little better. Each step you take is part of your road to being a little better. And every journey starts with a first step. So don’t be overwhelmed. Start small and work on yourself each and every day.

How To Deal With Depression – Simple Things

  • Don’t wear rubbish underwear! Underwear can make a difference to how you feel that day. So next time you feel less than you should, make sure you wear your favorite pair. Doesn’t matter what they are. Sexy, fun or old comfy ones.
  • Open the drapes and let natural light into your home.
  • Make sure you complete a task, no matter how small. Do the dishes, vacuum the living room. Clean the sink. Physically moving will help to ease you slightly and give you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Music. Find some that you love and put it on.
  • Take a nice shower. Not a bath, a shower.
  • Make yourself a meal. Doesn’t need to be a lavish affair. Taking the time to cook and prepare yourself something will take your mind off you for a moment and help you to accomplish something.
  • Talk to someone. Anyone. Call a friend or family member and try to chat for a while. It might not be easy, but isolating yourself will only make your depression deepen. Don’t have anyone to talk to? Go to the shops and interact with staff.
  • Take a walk and take time to absorb your surroundings. Personally, I love to people watch. It helps give me perspective on my life and my own issues.
  • Be creative. Write a story or a poem. Build something. Buy yourself an adult coloring book and take the time to use it.
  • Take the time to love and appreciate yourself by writing down the redeeming qualities you have.
  • Make plans with friends and actually follow through with them. Social interaction is very important to humans. If you don’t have friends to make plans with, do it on your own. Go to the movies or a cafe and take the time to be outside with other people.
  • Exercise. You don’t need fancy equipment or gym memberships. Find a youtube video or throw on some trainers and get moving. Bodyweight training is amazingly effective.
  • Have a hobby that’s lapsed? There’s no better time to get back into it than right now.

The above are all tricks that I have used to help me deal with depression. So the next time you find yourself asking the question “how to deal with depression” remember, often the littlest thing can help.

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