17 People Share Their Favorite Internet Tricks
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17 People Share Their Favorite Internet Tricks

This article comes from an askreddit thread and showcases our favorite internet tricks. It encompasses fun website tricks, shortcuts and a whole host more. Share your favorites in the comments below! 17 People Share Their Favorite Internet Tricks 1. To clear your cache quickly (great for resetting web pages that only allow a certain amount […]

14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory
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14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory

Do you find yourself constantly forgetting things? Maybe you were asked to complete a task and just plain forgot. Or needed to hand in a piece of paperwork at a certain time but it completely slipped your mind. It’s ok, we all do it from time to time. That’s why I decided to write this […]

Creative Thinking Featured
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17 Ways To Fire Up Your Creative Thinking

It’s not always easy to fire up your creative thinking. We’ve all been there in some way. Whether it’s writer’s block, a lack of enthusiasm for a project or just not being able to finish an essay. Now, in an ideal world, we could all just follow the advice of Stephen King, who said: Amateurs […]

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Need To know Color Names? Let Me Help

When it comes to color names, it can be extremely difficult to remember the difference between them. Plum or Sangria? Azure or Cobalt? Honestly, I would have no idea. That is, I wouldn’t unless I had this pretty handy chart with the different color names on it. This all came about after trying to decide […]

psychological mind tricks
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20 Awesome Psychological Mind Tricks You Should Know

So you want to gently swing the odds in your favor, mess with your friends or just be thought of better. How do you go about doing that? With these 20 awesome psychological mind tricks, of course! 20 Awesome Psychological Mind Tricks Everyone Should Know Paternal Wisdom. Want someone to take you seriously when you […]

Avoid Phishing Scams
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How To Recognise And Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are not a new phenomenon. But with them getting increasingly more sophisticated, it can be difficult to avoid them. But before we get into the precautions you should take to avoid phishing scams, let’s just explain what the term “phishing” means. The term is said to have been coined by a well-known hacker […]