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Professional Networking – Social Media Career Advancement

I’m a child of the 80’s. So when I was growing up, professional networking consisted of the people you kept in your filofax. I used to see business people carrying these large tabbed books every where. If you lost it, it would have been terrible. But fortunately, we have moved on from that. Everything now […]

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Make The Right Decision – Cognitive Biases

Everyone makes bad decision occasionally. But some do it more than others. And we all know that one person who just makes bad decision after bad decision. But how do we make the right decision? I’m not talking about some of the time. But most, if not all of the time. You see, a human […]

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Improve Confidence – Easy Tips To Boost You

Confidence is something that a lot of people struggle with. With constant bombardment from media telling us that we should all be thin, pretty, rich and amazing. It’s pretty easy to see why we struggle. Trying to attain and live up to an impossible standard is ridiculous. And something that nobody should do. But there […]

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Workplace social skills – A guide

Working in an office can be a minefield. Relationships, history, clothing. Everything can be interpreted differently. Here’s 15 workplace social skills to help you navigate the workplace successfully. Workplace social skills – A guide Pay attention to how people’s feet are positioned. When you come across a group talking, look at their feet as you […]

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Make someone listen to you

It’s a frustrating world at times. We can all feel a little ignored with the 1000’s of distractions readily available at our fingertips. Phones, tablets and TV’s have given us the attention span of a gnat. But here’s a handy little trick to get someone to listen to you intently. You don’t need to shout. […]

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First Date Advice – Go to see a horror movie

Why is go to see a horror movie my first date advice? Well, an elevated heart rate and adrenaline are strongly linked with sexual attraction. It fires off the same signals in the body. Although it’s not  a sure-fire thing, it can’t help to have that association. Also, they came on the date with you, […]

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Act Confident – Fake it till you make it

We are not all born with the looks of an adonis, the brains of Einstein and the appendage of Ron Jeremy. But enough about me. If you find yourself struggling with confidence, what can you do? Act confident. Pretend to be a confident person. Fake it till you make it. We are all products of […]