Self Improvement - Facts You Should Know
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Self Improvement – Facts You Should Know

When it comes to self improvement, the journey can be a really long one. One which some people unfortunately never start. Whereas others get stuck along the way. Today, I’m going to try to help you with your self improvement odyssey with some facts and thoughts that I have learnt in my time alive. These […]

How To Be More Likeable - 13 Ways
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How To Be More Likeable – 13 Ways

We all know someone who is outgoing, gregarious and seems to draw people to them like a moth to a flame. It’s their natural state of being. And it all looks so easy. But here’s the secret and a little piece of life advice: To most people, answering the question “how to be more likeable” […]

psychological mind tricks
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20 Awesome Psychological Mind Tricks You Should Know

So you want to gently swing the odds in your favor, mess with your friends or just be thought of better. How do you go about doing that? With these 20 awesome psychological mind tricks, of course! 20 Awesome Psychological Mind Tricks Everyone Should Know Paternal Wisdom. Want someone to take you seriously when you […]

Public Speaking Tips - Body Language
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Public Speaking Tips – Body language

Whether you have to give a presentation or are due to speak at a wedding, public speaking can be nerve-racking. It can leave you like a rabbit in the headlights. Furiously googling public speaking tips the night before the big event. Which is great! Being proactive is a huge plus. It’s probably what led you […]