peel a post it note
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How to peel a post it note

I know, it sounds silly. But not if you check out the graphic below. The way most of us peel a post it note is plain wrong. I have to wonder though, why don’t they put the right way on the box? It would be so much easier for everyone! Peel a post it note

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How to be more likeable

It’s not easy to be more likeable. To most of us it does not come naturally. We aren’t the eternal optimist forever with a smile on our face and a song in our heart. But being likeable can help you in your career, it can disarm people, turning enemies into friends. In other words, it’s […]

excel tricks to impress
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Impress your boss with these excel tricks

Being proficient with a computer is pretty much a given for most work environments now. So how do you stand out against your colleagues and get ahead within your profession? By making sure you know a little more than them. This is not about working hard, it’s about working smart! With the 7 excel tricks […]


Test Batteries By Dropping Them

Pretty much everything I just said in the title. To test if a battery is good or not. Hold up. Actually just thought of something. Let me clarify. I don’t mean car batteries, laptop batteries or smart phone batteries. This only applies to regular double and triple AA’s. For the love of god don’t be […]


Windsock Guide – What the stripes mean

I have always been puzzled by Windsocks, never really understood how you got an accurate measurement of wind from them. Obviously they tell you which way the wind is blowing. Which I understand is helpful for the pilot. But how do you know how fast the wind is blowing? Surely a windsock is either up […]

Break Down A Door

Break Down A Door

This one might seem like a little bit of fun. And you would be right. But you never know in this life. It could be a skill that ends with you becoming a hero! Unlikely but you never know. Anyway, to correctly break down a door, follow the below steps. Drive heel in of standing […]


Correctly lace your shoes

I’m terrible for this. My trainer laces are always just tucked in and I end up with sore feet. Or if I go for a run, heels slipping all the time. If you’re like me and need some help, the below guide is a real eye opener. How to correctly lace your shoes is something […]