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Improve Memory – 10 top tips

How to improve memory seems to be an ever popular pursuit. There are around 1 million searches of ways to improve memory within Google every month. So here’s a video on the top ten tips to help you improve your memory. None of these are rocket science and some may seem a little silly. But […]

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Act Confident – Fake it till you make it

We are not all born with the looks of an adonis, the brains of Einstein and the appendage of Ron Jeremy. But enough about me. If you find yourself struggling with confidence, what can you do? Act confident. Pretend to be a confident person. Fake it till you make it. We are all products of […]


Roman numerals table – Learn the easy way

Don’t get caught out not knowing which Rocky film is which ever again! Seriously though, roman numerals don’t seem to be ever going away. So now might be the time to learn them. So I put together a quick and easy reference table for you. Study it, learn it, impress your friends. Roman Numerals Table

peel a post it note
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How to peel a post it note

I know, it sounds silly. But not if you check out the graphic below. The way most of us peel a post it note is plain wrong. I have to wonder though, why don’t they put the right way on the box? It would be so much easier for everyone! Peel a post it note

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How to be more likeable

It’s not easy to be more likeable. To most of us it does not come naturally. We aren’t the eternal optimist forever with a smile on our face and a song in our heart. But being likeable can help you in your career, it can disarm people, turning enemies into friends. In other words, it’s […]

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Impress your boss with these excel tricks

Being proficient with a computer is pretty much a given for most work environments now. So how do you stand out against your colleagues and get ahead within your profession? By making sure you know a little more than them. This is not about working hard, it’s about working smart! With the 7 excel tricks […]