Make Birthday's Awesome Again
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Here’s Six Ways To Make Birthday’s Awesome Again

As a child, birthdays are utterly amazing. You get loads of presents, plenty of attention, your choice of food. Nothing is too much trouble for the average child growing up. But as we age, making birthday’s awesome¬†takes more of a backseat. Life get’s in the way. Until we get to the point where it’s just […]

Create The Perfect Resume
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How To Create The Perfect Resume For You

Creating the perfect resume can help you stand out in a crowd. We all know how saturated the job market is. And the competition is only going to get harder and harder. With more people going through higher education, it can be difficult to give yourself a voice. Add in people living longer, fewer jobs […]

Kitchen Hacks Featured
Food Household Skills

Kitchen Hacks For All Occasions

In my younger days, I worked in professional kitchens. So I would like to think that I have picked up quite a few kitchen hacks. Whether you need help with food storage, food prep or any other area you could think of, you should find something to help you below. Now, I know at this […]

Public Speaking Tips - Body Language
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Public Speaking Tips – Body language

Whether you have to give a presentation or are due to speak at a wedding, public speaking can be nerve-racking. It can leave you like a rabbit in the headlights. Furiously googling public speaking tips the night before the big event. Which is great! Being proactive is a huge plus. It’s probably what led you […]