How To Fillet A Fish
Food Skills

Gordon Ramsay – How To Fillet A Fish

In a fit of excitement, you bought that amazing looking salmon from the fishmongers. You just couldn’t help it. Your mind lit up with recipes and idea’s for what you are going to do with it. Only thing is, now that you’re home, you have no idea how to fillet a fish. None. Nada. But […]

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Need To know Color Names? Let Me Help

When it comes to color names, it can be extremely difficult to remember the difference between them. Plum or Sangria? Azure or Cobalt? Honestly, I would have no idea. That is, I wouldn’t unless I had this pretty handy chart with the different color names on it. This all came about after trying to decide […]

psychological mind tricks
Skills Social Work

20 Awesome Psychological Mind Tricks You Should Know

So you want to gently swing the odds in your favor, mess with your friends or just be thought of better. How do you go about doing that? With these 20 awesome psychological mind tricks, of course! 20 Awesome Psychological Mind Tricks Everyone Should Know Paternal Wisdom. Want someone to take you seriously when you […]

How To Become More Disciplined
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Become More Disciplined With These Podcasts

To become more disciplined you need to work at it. Set goals, track targets and make sure you consistently hit them. But it’s also about mindset. And that can be a lot harder to get right. Without the right determined mindset, your goals will fall by the wayside. Your lists won’t be completed. Targets that […]

Make Birthday's Awesome Again
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Here’s Six Ways To Make Birthday’s Awesome Again

As a child, birthdays are utterly amazing. You get loads of presents, plenty of attention, your choice of food. Nothing is too much trouble for the average child growing up. But as we age, making birthday’s awesome¬†takes more of a backseat. Life get’s in the way. Until we get to the point where it’s just […]