Grab yourself an unlimited free vpn
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Grab yourself an unlimited free vpn

Just for those who don’t know. Let’s very briefly go through what a vpn is. A virtual private network gives a user the ability to spoof where they are on the internet. So you could make it look like you are in the UK, America, Germany or elsewhere. This works using a server in the […]

editing images online - sumopaint featured
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Editing images online – free photoshop

I tend to use my desktop for editing. It’s more powerful, easier to use and has all my programs on it. If you’re like me but get caught needing to do image editing, try this site for editing images online. gives you a free online photoshop to edit images in. It’s not perfect but […]

get free playstation games featured
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How to get free playstation games

This is something everyone with any Sony console should know. How to get free playstation games across their whole console line. If you have a PS+ account, make sure you login online at┬árather than through your device. You see, if you only ever log on from your device, you are only shown the games […]

display phone notifications featured
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Display phone notifications on your computer

Here’s a great productivity hack to display phone notifications on your computer. can sync your notifications between all your devices. No more having to switch between phone, tablet, computer while working. Have everything available for you on screen. Display phone notifications on your computer As you can see, it works across all browsers and […]


Social Media Shorthand Explained

Unless you’re young and hip or down with the kids like me, it can be confusing following a conversation on social media. Even if you are young and cool, remembering all the different anachronisms can be difficult. So here’s a guide to the most used shortcodes around. Social Media Shorthand Explained


The Internet of Things explained

We keep hearing about the internet of things (IoT). It seems to have risen to prominence quite recently. But what is it and how do you explain it? It basically breaks down that the internet of things is a load of interconnected devices. From web cameras, appliances and devices. However, recently there has been a […]