youtube dark mode
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Youtube Dark Mode – Here’s How

Youtube is getting a brand new design. Youtube Dark Mode is now officially part of that design. And it’s really easy to enable. All you need to do is head on over to youtube/new and click the try it now button. Once you’ve done that, click on your icon in the top right corner and choose dark […]

How To Protect Your Online Privacy
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Get Your Online Privacy Back

We’ve been hearing a lot about online privacy recently. For good reason too. Every single time you go on to the internet, you’re tracked by multitudinous companies. All of them want to find out your browsing habits, primarily to sell on to other companies. Who will then advertise to you. Constantly. It’s even getting to […]

Delete Your Digital Footprint
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Delete Your Digital Footprint

Deleting your digital footprint is not the easiest thing in the world. But it can be done. Maybe it’s because you don’t want potential employers coming across something you said when younger. Or it could be that you have had enough of the internet and want away from it all. Whatever your reason, I can help. […]

Google Advanced Search Featured
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Google Advanced Search – How To Find Anything

You may have seen Google advanced search guides before. In fact, I was not going to bother because there is already a plethora of them out there. I changed my mind after I realised that most of these guides did not really drill down into the more advanced ways to search on Google. Instead they […]