most out of your toothpaste tube featured

Get the most out of your toothpaste tube

Here’s a clever idea to make sure you get the most out of your toothpaste tube. Once you roll up the tube, use a bulldog clip on the end to make sure it stays that way. Like so: And for an extra bonus tip. Once the bulldog clip is securely in place, invert the handles. […]

fold shirts like a pro

Fold shirts like a pro

You’re an adult now. No mom or dad to put away your stuff for you. If you don’t fold your clothes and put them away properly, they will end up wrinkled or creased. Which means you will have to go out looking like a hobo, or re-iron all your clothes. Here’s a simple, easy trick […]


Household Chemistry

Ever wondered how you could make your own flytrap using only items available in your home? How about miracle cleaner, bubble bath or foot fungus treatment? No, me neither. But, if it is something you have ever wondered about but were too afraid to google for fear of being put on a list, check out […]

laundry symbols

Laundry Symbols and what they mean

I’m 37 and half the time I STILL have no idea what they mean. I feel like I have stumbled across an ancient language whenever it comes to washing clothes. Which usually results in me throwing everything in together and hoping for the best. Which inevitably ends with my clothes discolored or just plain ruined. […]