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Clean suede with an eraser

Although suede is hard wearing, it can be a real pain to keep mark free. Not so important when talking about say, work gloves. But, a nice handbag or jacket is a different proposition. The best and easiest way to clean suede, is, believe it or not, with an eraser. It will remove marks quickly […]

Clean stainless steel with a dab of olive oil featured

Clean stainless steel with a dab of olive oil

It’s true, it works. You really can clean stainless steel with olive oil. It’s an old trick in professional kitchens where you tend to have a lot of stainless steel equipment. All you need to do is put a drop of olive oil on a kitchen towel and rub it into the stainless steel. Afterwards, […]

most out of your toothpaste tube featured

Get the most out of your toothpaste tube

Here’s a clever idea to make sure you get the most out of your toothpaste tube. Once you roll up the tube, use a bulldog clip on the end to make sure it stays that way. Like so: And for an extra bonus tip. Once the bulldog clip is securely in place, invert the handles. […]

fold shirts like a pro

Fold shirts like a pro

You’re an adult now. No mom or dad to put away your stuff for you. If you don’t fold your clothes and put them away properly, they will end up wrinkled or creased. Which means you will have to go out looking like a hobo, or re-iron all your clothes. Here’s a simple, easy trick […]