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Staying Creative – 40 ways to help

Staying creative can be difficult. Whether you work in a creative industry or have a particular hobby, sometimes you just don’t feel it. But like everything in life, you can’t just wait for it to return. The list below from layerform (pictured below) gives you 40 ways of staying creative. Although some of them seem trite, […]

Cleaning Checklist - Featured

Cleaning Checklist – Have you done it

If you’re just starting out, it can be a big adjustment going from having your mom do a lot for you to having to adult yourself. Having to schedule appointments. Paying bills. And cleaning your apartment. Everyone hates that. But it’s something we all have to go through. It’s part of growing up. Today I’m […]


Command Hook Cup Storage

Most kitchens these days don’t have enough cabinet space. I certainly know mine doesn’t! If you struggle for kitchen cabinet space, try this. Use command hooks to store your cups, freeing up valuable cabinet space. It makes the cups easier to get to and looks cool too. If you’re worried that your cups might fall […]

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Repurpose broken pants hanger clips

Pants hangers are incredibly useful. Not only are they great at hanging pants, you can use them to hold recipe books and a host of other things. But what about a broken one? What could you do with that? Let me show you. You can repurpose broken pants hanger clips like this. First make sure […]

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Clean suede with an eraser

Although suede is hard wearing, it can be a real pain to keep mark free. Not so important when talking about say, work gloves. But, a nice handbag or jacket is a different proposition. The best and easiest way to clean suede, is, believe it or not, with an eraser. It will remove marks quickly […]

Clean stainless steel with a dab of olive oil featured

Clean stainless steel with a dab of olive oil

It’s true, it works. You really can clean stainless steel with olive oil. It’s an old trick in professional kitchens where you tend to have a lot of stainless steel equipment. All you need to do is put a drop of olive oil on a kitchen towel and rub it into the stainless steel. Afterwards, […]