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Need To know Color Names? Let Me Help

When it comes to color names, it can be extremely difficult to remember the difference between them. Plum or Sangria? Azure or Cobalt? Honestly, I would have no idea. That is, I wouldn’t unless I had this pretty handy chart with the different color names on it. This all came about after trying to decide […]

Kitchen Hacks Featured
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Kitchen Hacks For All Occasions

In my younger days, I worked in professional kitchens. So I would like to think that I have picked up quite a few kitchen hacks. Whether you need help with food storage, food prep or any other area you could think of, you should find something to help you below. Now, I know at this […]

creating the perfect home office
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Create The Perfect Home Office

I work from home. And so do a lot of people I know. But creating the perfect home office to work from is hard. We are all looking for different things from our space. Personally, I wanted to simplify and pare mine back, while making it brighter and airier. Until a few days ago, I […]

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Indoor Air Quality – 15 Plants To Improve It

Indoor air quality is something that most of us never even think about. Not even for a second. But we really should. Our respiratory system is massively important to us. And in this world of increasing pollution, we should be doing everything we can to improve our environment. So when I came across this great […]