Beach Ready In Only Four Weeks
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Four Week Beach Ready Workout

It’s getting closer to that time again. Yes, Summer is almost here! So to that end, let’s not get caught out again and have to wear horrible, heavy dour clothes on the beach. Instead let’s get beach ready with a quick and easy to do bodyweight fitness routine. All you need to do to complete […]

Make Birthday's Awesome Again
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Here’s Six Ways To Make Birthday’s Awesome Again

As a child, birthdays are utterly amazing. You get loads of presents, plenty of attention, your choice of food. Nothing is too much trouble for the average child growing up. But as we age, making birthday’s awesome¬†takes more of a backseat. Life get’s in the way. Until we get to the point where it’s just […]

3 Minute Almond Milk Recipe
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3 Minute Almond Milk Recipe

Before I begin talking about the benefits of almond milk, it’s nutrients and the almond milk recipe that I use, let’s just pause for a second. If you don’t care about any of that and just want the recipe, scroll down and watch the video. It’s 3 minutes long and contains a bonus at the […]

what happens when you stop smoking

What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

I get it, it’s 2017. We all know that smoking is bad for you. But there are still plenty of people out there who do regularly smoke but want to stop smoking and build a healthier version of themselves. I myself used to be a smoker. I stopped cold turkey around 7 years ago and […]

toothache home remedy

Toothache Home Remedy – The Best Solutions

Aside from gallstones and giving birth, ¬†a toothache can be some of the worst pain you ever encounter. Add in the fact that it can come at any point (during the night, on vacation etc) and it quickly becomes evident that a toothache home remedy guide is a good idea! Especially if you don’t want […]