Coconut Oil Uses Featured
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41 Coconut Oil Uses You Should Try

Coconut oil is amazing. It’s health benefits are well-known. It’s high in natural saturated fats that help increase your HDL levels. HDL is also knows as your healthy cholesterol. By doing this, coconut oil helps to lower your chances of heart disease. But there are loads of other coconut oil uses that you should try […]

Meal Prep 101
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Meal Prep – Everything You Need To Know

Let’s start with the basics. What is Meal Prep? Don’t worry, it’s not prepping for an upcoming world apocalypse. Different sort of preppers! Let me explain. There is a growing number of people out there that prepare their meals, for the whole week ahead. This could be due to time constraints, having to eat a […]

Motherly Advice and Encouragement
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Need Some Motherly Advice Or Encouragement?

At some point, we can all do with some motherly advice and encouragement. But it’s not always possible to get. Maybe you’re estranged from your mother. Maybe she’s just not a very nice person. Or you could be like me. I lost my mother late last year. She was just 59. I had nothing to […]

How to build your own weight bench
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Get Ripped! Build Your Own Gym Bench

I enjoy working out. It’s one of my pleasures in life. But the start-up costs can be prohibitive. You either have to fork out for a very expensive gym membership. Which comes with people watching you and the minefield that is gym etiquette. Or, you spend a ton of money buying expensive equipment and building […]

How To Become More Disciplined
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Become More Disciplined With These Podcasts

To become more disciplined you need to work at it. Set goals, track targets and make sure you consistently hit them. But it’s also about mindset. And that can be a lot harder to get right. Without the right determined mindset, your goals will fall by the wayside. Your lists won’t be completed. Targets that […]