How to deal with anxiety - featured
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How To Deal With Anxiety – Games

How to deal with anxiety. If you’re here, it’s probably because you want the answer to that question. But first let’s just get to the root of what anxiety is. Let’s start with the good news. Anxiety is not a disease or an illness, even though it can feel that way. Anxiety is a direct […]

How To Deal With Depression - Simple Things

How To Deal With Depression – Simple Things

How to deal with depression. It’s a question that increasingly, more of us want an answer to. In our increasingly connected world, full of happy social media posts, rich celebrities and constant comparisons, it’s no wonder the average person’s mental health is suffering. It’s enough to make you pull the covers over your head and […]

Self Improvement - Facts You Should Know
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Self Improvement – Facts You Should Know

When it comes to self improvement, the journey can be a really long one. One which some people unfortunately never start. Whereas others get stuck along the way. Today, I’m going to try to help you with your self improvement odyssey with some facts and thoughts that I have learnt in my time alive. These […]

How To Eat Healthy - Featured
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How To Eat Healthy Guide

How to eat healthy. It’s a question most of us ask ourselves from time to time. Before we go straight back into our old routines and bad habits. Telling ourselves we will diet and lose the weight. But the problem with diets is that they end. And then people tend to put the weight back […]

How To Be More Likeable - 13 Ways
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How To Be More Likeable – 13 Ways

We all know someone who is outgoing, gregarious and seems to draw people to them like a moth to a flame. It’s their natural state of being. And it all looks so easy. But here’s the secret and a little piece of life advice: To most people, answering the question “how to be more likeable” […]

14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory
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14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory

Do you find yourself constantly forgetting things? Maybe you were asked to complete a task and just plain forgot. Or needed to hand in a piece of paperwork at a certain time but it completely slipped your mind. It’s ok, we all do it from time to time. That’s why I decided to write this […]