15 of the best ever tumblr posts

15 Of The Best Ever Tumblr Posts

I use Tumblr and I find it to be an exciting, vibrant and positive community. I know it has it’s darker sides, but which site doesn’t? To celebrate it’s humor and diverse subject matters, ¬†thought I would bring to you the 15 best ever tumblr posts (in my opinion). It’s at this point that I’m […]

How to unblock a toilet featured

How to unblock a toilet

For Silly Sunday, here’s something you definitely should not do. How to unblock a toilet using coke and mentos. Remember, don’t try this at home folks! How to unblock a toilet using mentos and coke

Loneliness Hack

Loneliness Hack – Silly Sunday

We all get a little lonely at times. Sometimes after a bad breakup, when separated from our loved ones or home alone. Here’s a good way to beat the loneliness blues and feel like someone is there with you. At all times! Remember, this is silly sunday, this loneliness hack is not meant to be […]