How to sharpen scissors

Scissors are an essential item in every household. They are used in making, fixing, cooking and a million other things. But over time they lose their sharpness. If you have ever tried to sharpen scissors, you know it can be awkward at best. So to answer the question, how to sharpen scissors, this is how. […]


How to measure awkward objects accurately

Typically when this question comes up, we are talking about extension leads with the holes on the back. They are awkward to measure and it’s easy to get wrong. Yes, I have seen the trick where you photocopy the object you are wanting the holes for. But, what if the photocopy does not come out […]

Protect your vehicle when parking featured

Protect your vehicle when parking

A couple of old tyres at the end of your garage/drive will protect your vehicle when parking. No more scratches or dents. If you are feeling really handy, you can cut them in half and mount them on the wall for added protection. Protect your vehicle when parking

How to remove wood scratches featured

How to remove wood scratches

This may sound a little odd. Also, it won’t work with deep gouges or cheap wooden furniture. But if you have a decent piece of furniture that has been scratched, this could be the solution you want. It’s a pretty simple one too. Just use a walnut to remove the scratch. Obviously the walnut needs […]

Create a retractable USB cable featured
Computing DIY

Create a retractable USB cable

All you need for this is: A USB cable (duh), a pencil and a hairdryer. It would also help if you had a couple of rubber bands but they are not essential. ¬†Wrap the USB cable around the pencil. Secure ends of pencil with rubber bands to stop USB cable slipping off. Heat the USB […]


Jump start a car

Thankfully I have only been in this situation a couple of times in my life. But it is a handy thing to know. If you get it wrong you can fry the battery, fry the cars cpu or even the entire electrics. More importantly though, you could also hurt yourself. Handily, the guide below will […]