The most awesome DIY life hacks ever!

Awesome DIY Life Hacks

I love awesome DIY life hacks. You see, I’m a bit of a DIY enthusiast. I build tables, computers, magic mirrors. All sorts of things. Just yesterday I took apart a pair of headphones that had a break in the cable and resoldered them. I also helped my son build  a model castle. So when […]

How to build your own weight bench
DIY Health

Get Ripped! Build Your Own Gym Bench

I enjoy working out. It’s one of my pleasures in life. But the start-up costs can be prohibitive. You either have to fork out for a very expensive gym membership. Which comes with people watching you and the minefield that is gym etiquette. Or, you spend a ton of money buying expensive equipment and building […]

Change a tire featured
DIY Skills

Essential Life Skills – Change A Tire

There are a couple of things in life everyone should know how to do. Change a tire is one of them. Doesn’t matter if you have triple A. They can’t always get to you. Yeas ago I suffered a blowout on a highway. Pulled over safely but because I did not know (at that time) […]

DIY Skills

Basic car maintenance – Everything you need to know

Basic car maintenance is something we all should know. But most people don’t. And I’m not sure why. At some point you are going to have a flat tire, or need to recharge your battery. Let me tell you a story from my youth. When I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old, I bought my first ever […]

staying creative featured
DIY Household Skills Work

Staying Creative – 40 ways to help

Staying creative can be difficult. Whether you work in a creative industry or have a particular hobby, sometimes you just don’t feel it. But like everything in life, you can’t just wait for it to return. The list below from layerform (pictured below) gives you 40 ways of staying creative. Although some of them seem trite, […]