Basic car maintenance – Everything you need to know

Basic car maintenance is something we all should know. But most people don’t. And I’m not sure why. At some point you are going to have a flat tire, or need to recharge your battery. Let me tell you a story from my youth. When I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old, I bought my first ever brand new car. I loved that car. ┬áBut I had no idea about basic car maintenance. So when the check oil light came on, I ignored it for too long. Funnily enough it all went wrong on the day I finally went to buy oil.

I set off on my journey, secure in the knowledge it would be fine. Go to garage and pay someone to change it. Sorted. Except on the way there, the engine seized. I, at first, was not aware of what had happened. But soon I was made aware. In the form of a very large bill to replace my seized engine. Lesson learned, I have always been much more pro-active about my vehicles and what I know about them.

Don’t be like me. Use the below checklist from Sainsbury’s Bank to make sure all aspects of your vehicle are in tip-top condition. You might just prevent yourself a breakdown and a large bill.

Basic car maintenance – Everything you need to know

Basic car maintenance - Everything you need to know

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