Awesome DIY Life Hacks

The most awesome DIY life hacks ever!

I love awesome DIY life hacks. You see, I’m a bit of a DIY enthusiast. I build tables, computers, magic mirrors. All sorts of things. Just yesterday I took apart a pair of headphones that had a break in the cable and resoldered them. I also helped my son build  a model castle. So when I see a great DIY life hack that I believe can help me achieve my goals faster, I take advantage of it.

Because of this, I have a number of these DIY life hacks built up. Enough that I thought it was time to share them with you. So for all the people like me out there, I hope these come in handy.

Awesome DIY Life Hacks

Before we get into the list, I wanted to show you my top 5 DIY life hacks. A handy cut out and keep type of thing for you to use and refer back to.

Top 5 DIY Life Hacks

Awesome DIY Life Hacks Top 5

DIY Life Hacks – Best of the Rest

  • Too much dust while drilling holes? Cut a tennis ball in half and drill through it with the dish side facing out. Leave it on while you drill your holes and it will catch-all the dust.
  • Rug keeps moving around? Use double-sided tape on the bottom of it.
  • Make a spirit level using a garden hose. Cut a length of hose and leave both ends open. Pour water into the hose. When you hold both ends up, the water will naturally level out and give you an accurate level.
  • Want to use that old tin of paint but don’t want bits of dried paint and paint skin in there? Sieve it through a pair of tights first.
  • Air bubbles in wallpaper can be remedied easily. Use a craft knife to make an insertion in the bubble, then use an artists paint brush to add a little more paste before you smooth it down.
  • If you are trying to remove a screw and the end is getting threaded, don’t panic! Grab a rubber band and place it over the screw head before you try again. It will fill in the gaps and give you much better purchase without ruining the screw head.
  • Stop your paint can dripping while painting by gluing a paper plate to the bottom.
  • Sharpen scissors easily and quickly by cutting sandpaper with them.
  • You can magnetize a screwdriver by running it along one pole of a magnet a few times. Always remember to go in the same direction though!
  •  If you need to fill a hole in wood and make it the same color, try this. Mix the wood glue with some sawdust from the wood. When it dries, it will match.
  • To countersink screws, grab a drill bit the same size as the screw head. Now all you need to do is drill to the depth you want to countersink to.
  • Need to use a drill for an extended period but it’s not water-cooled? Keep a jar of water handy and dip the drill bit every ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Drilled a hole that’s too big for your screw? Add some broken up pieces of matchstick into the hole.
  • Add a splash of color to your home by painting your radiators with heat proof paint.
  • If you need a clean through hole in a piece of wood, here’s how you avoid splinters in the exit hole. Clamp a piece of waste wood to the bottom.
  • If your saw tends to get stuck often, here’s a trick to try before replacing it. Rub a candle along the blade a couple of times. It should help.
  • Removing anchor bolts from your wall can be a pain in the ass. But it doesn’t have to be. Once you have unscrewed them completely, give them a tap into the wall. This releases the anchor and allows you to pull them out easier.
  • To make sure that a nut never comes loose, always use a spring washer. Spring washers are designed to grip the nut tightly.
  • You don’t need to wash rollers and brushes between coats of paint. All you have to do is wrap them in Saran wrap, it will keep them from drying out.
  • Hate the smell of paint fumes? Add a drop or two of vanilla extract to your paint.

There we have it. How did I do? Did you learn something useful? Did I miss an amazing tip? Either way, let me know in the comments below.

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