35 Amazingly Useful Websites You Might Not Know

35 of the most Useful Websites

Everyone loves a list, don’t they? Lists on life advice, lists on free alternative software. So today let’s give the people want they want! Here’s a great list of amazingly useful websites you might not know about.

Amazingly Useful Websites You Might Not Know

  1. 10 Minute Mail – This should be everyone’s go to when you need to register for some terrible website. The temporary email address they give you will last ten minutes before deleting itself. Just enough time to register and “verify” your email address.
  2. LogMeIn2 – Some sites have gotten wise to 10 minute mail and either don’t accept certain email addresses or wait longer than 10 minutes to send the verification email. This is where Logmein2 comes in. They have loads of passwords and usernames you can use for sites. No more having to register just to look at one piece of information!
  3. BugMeNot – Same as LogMeIn, Bugmenot provides a massive list of shared logins, meaning you don’t have to sign up.
  4. HaveIBeenPwned – This site allows you to put in your email address and see if any account attached to it has had it’s log in details leaked. Great to use every few months and make sure your stuff is safe and secure.
  5. iFixit – Save a fortune and stop being wasteful at the same time. Ifixit has a repair guide for just about anything. They even sell the tools needed to repair your gadgets. Brilliant site with clear guides and instructions.
  6. Noisli – Struggle to concentrate without background noise? Then this is the site for you! Choose the type of noise you like and away you go. I have it on right now as I type this.
  7. Ninite – It sounds like some sort of sleeping app. It’s not. What it actually is, is a way to download multiple pieces of software together and install them all at the same time. Great for when you buy a new computer. As an added bonus, it also removes any check box options that try to “bundle” other software with your downloads.
  8. Hemingway App – This app allows you to improve your writing. It does so by highlighting your text for readability and giving you a rating and tips to improve. And yes, I know I need to use it!
  9. Get Notify – Want to know if that email you sent was actually opened and read by the recipient? Well, now you can.
  10. AnimatedKnots – Guess what this site does? Yep, it teaches you to tie knots. By giving you animated instructions. It’s a bit niche but well laid out and an excellent teaching tool.
  11. Spreeder – This website teaches you how to read faster. Simple as that.
  12. Hype Machine – Want to be “down with the kids”? Keep up to date with all the latest music trends with this site.
  13. Snopes – Need to check a fact out so you can disprove your friend? This is the go to site. Warning you now though, make sure you have plenty of free time before clicking this link. It sucks you in and suddenly it’s two hours later and you’re learning about Brad Pitt’s death hoax.
  14. A Good Movie To Watch – Stop arguing about what you’re going to watch on Netflix and let this site choose for you! No more hours upon hours spent scrolling through the options, never choosing a fucking movie, Karen. Just pick one god dammit!
  15. Unroll Me – Are you receiving lots and lots of annoying, pointless emails? Unroll me unsubscribes you from mailing lists in seconds.
  16. Account Killer – Similar to unroll me, account killer allows you to delete your accounts with as little fuss as possible. No more will you have to scroll through endless options, trying to figure out how on earth you delete yourself.
  17. CIA Library – The CIA have a world factbook that is immense. It provides information on history, people, economies and so much more.
  18. What The Font -Brought to you by myfonts.com, this tool allows you to identify a font. So the next time you find a font you love and don’t know what it is, head on over here.
  19. Instaread – Read any book in 15 minutes with key takeaways and summaries. Great for those who are doing book reports or want to keep up with the latest books but don’t have enough time.
  20. Stickk – Need help committing to your goals? Stickk was created by behavioural economists to help you create a contract to stick to your goals.
  21. The Rasterbator – Create wall art from any picture.
  22. Station307 – Send and receive files. Any files. With no size limits whatsoever. For free. Seriously under known site for what it does.
  23. WayBackMachine – Want to see what a website looked like at any point in time? The web archive is the place to go.
  24. ManualsLib – A huge library of manuals for all manner of appliances, products, furniture and everything else. So the next time you need the manual to that Samsung dvd player you bought in 99′, this is the place to head to.
  25. CloudConvert – Convert any file on the fly. It supports over 200 formats and you don’t have to install anything to use it.
  26. iRuler – Need to accurately measure “something” boys? Iruler provides an accurate ruler on your screen.
  27. Print Friendly – Sometimes you need to print out a webpage. Not so great if the page in question is a hodge podge of adverts and other stuff. Print friendly does exactly what it says on the tin, makes the page easier to print.
  28. Fake Name Generator – Need to build a throwaway social media account? Let this site build your identity for you.
  29. IFTTT – Stands for If That Then This. It basically allows you to automate your entire life and social media. Save new instagram photos to your dropbox, take the latest posts from a Tumblr blog and send them to your email, set your lights to come on at home if a pre arranged thing happens. It’s an amazing site with a recipe for everything. When it comes to useful websites, this one is top dog for me.
  30. TinEye – Need to search for an image and see if it’s online and if it is, where it is? Tin eye reverse image search will allow you to do that.
  31. Open Library – Free books. Need I say more?
  32. Zero Dollar Movies – Want to watch free movies? Here’s where you do it.
  33. Ebates – Get rebates on all of your shopping. Why spend more than you have to when you can get cashback from pretty much any retailer.
  34. Word Frequency Counter – Worried you keep repeating the same words as your typing? Chuck your text in here and have it scan for you.
  35. Scrim – Converts your email address to a short link to use on the web. Why would you need this? Well, if you have to share your email address on the web, it can be scraped by bots and then used by spammers. This shortening stops that from happening.

There we have it. I hope that you have found at least something you did not know about before. But what’s your favorite useful websites? Let us know below in the comments! And as always, don’t forget to share this article if you enjoyed it or found it useful.
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  1. Awesome collection. IFTTT is my favorite service using which you can automate several things in daily life. Other than that, I was unaware about most of these sites. Good option to spend our time on the internet.

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