15 Social Hacks To Help With Any Situation

15 Social Hacks To Help With Any Situation

When it comes to dealing with socializing, we humans are a weird bunch. We tense up, forget how to hold a conversation and manage to give off weird vibes. We just become strange in groups. Which is weird seeing as we are social animals at heart. Without some sort of socializing and intimacy, we wither. That’s why today I’m going to bring you some social hacks to help you out and make sure you don’t become a recluse.

15 Social Hacks To Help With Any Situation

1. New Job.

Social Hacks - New Job

Obviously don’t abuse this new-found super power or you’ll lose it. But for those rare occasions you are running late, you’re golden.

2. Dinner Party Etiquette.

Social Hacks - Dinner Party

We all have that one awful cook who won’t stop inviting us to dinner. Now you don’t have to lie to them!

3. Forget The Mistake, Remember the Lesson.

Social Hacks - Forget

This is for all you out there that can’t stop thinking about that mistake you made 7 years ago. Which leads us on to……….

4. Don’t Scold Yourself.

Social Hacks - Scolding

Nothing anyone says to you will have an effect as much as your own inner dialogue. Love yourself and don’t kill your confidence and ability to shine.

5. New Gym.

Social hacks - Gym

Starting out at the gym, or even a new gym, can be nerve-wracking. Give yourself time to scout out the areas and get a feel for the place.

6. Fake It Till You Make It.

Social Hacks - Confidence

I know it’s hard but it really does work. Just the very act of pretending to be confident gives you a confidence boost. Before you even realise, you won’t even be faking it anymore.

7. You’re Right.

Social Hacks - You're Right

8. Hi Mom!

Social Hacks - Mom

In the world we live in it’s easy to become disengaged from each other. Make that effort to keep a bond.

9. In Confidence.

Social Hacks - In Confidence

If someone is coming to you with a problem, help them to solve it. You might think you’re showing empathy but most people will think you’re trying to one up them.

10. What’s In A Name?

Social Hacks - Name

I’m terrible with names and this is the only way I remember anyone’s name!

11. Nope.

Social Hacks - No

You don’t have to justify yourself. And that’s ok.

12. Grandma.

Social Hacks - Grandma

Not only is it good to keep in contact with older relatives, you can also make sure they are not getting preyed upon.

13. Tell Me About Your Day.

Social Hacks - Conversation

It’s the difference between a conversation and yes / no answers.

14. Patience Is A Virtue.

Social Hacks - Wait Please

This appeals to their ego and makes it sound like a good thing, rather than an apology.

15. Pregnant?

Social Hacks - Pregnancy

The social faux pax of getting this one wrong can be epic. Much better to err on the side of caution and ask a leading question.

There we have it! 15 of the best social hacks for any situation. Any other good ones you can think of? Let us know in the comments.

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