14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory

14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory

Do you find yourself constantly forgetting things? Maybe you were asked to complete a task and just plain forgot. Or needed to hand in a piece of paperwork at a certain time but it completely slipped your mind.

It’s ok, we all do it from time to time. That’s why I decided to write this article. To help you to remember. Literally.

You see, there are plenty of easy ways to improve your memory and your mental health. You just need to know what they are. So let’s begin!

14 Easy Ways To Improve Your Memory

1. Write it down. Seems a little obvious doesn’t it? But let me clarify a little. I don’t mean type it into your laptop or phone. I mean with an actual pen and paper. This simple act will help you to remember better than typing ever will.

2. Repeat. Not like some sort of rainman character. The act of repeating a list back to yourself a couple of times will help to cement it within your memory banks.

3. Streamline. Concentrate on one task at a time. You are three times as likely to miss something if you multitask.

4. Use your sense of smell. There is a powerful association between smells and memories. The two organs are directly connected and can be used to store powerful memories. So the next time you need to remember something really important, think about what you can smell at that moment. Recalling that smell will give you a link to the memory.

5. Another tip is to associate your memories with an object. If you are forgetful, carry around a few small trinkets and use each ones as an association tool with a memory you really need to recall.

6. Visualize. Turn your words into pictures. Our memories work best with pictures, so associating your words with pictures can help you to recall a long string of memory easier.

7. Recall often. We tend to forget 80% of new information within the first few days of learning it. It you really want to remember something, go back to it a few days in a row to lock it into the memory bank. It’s basically how we managed to keep information in at school.

8. How do you learn? What I mean by this is: are you a visual, tactile, auditory or kinesthetic learner. Knowing how you learn can help you to boost your memory (and test scores) by 50%! Take a test and find out.

9. Play memory games. Your brain is a muscle and needs to be exercises just like any other. Playing memory games can help to keep it in tip-top condition and functioning as it should.

10. Flashcards. A study by Washington University showed that the use of flashcards can strengthen your recall by as much as 50%. Well worth investing the time in and especially useful for those of you out there currently studying.

11. Every hour, take a break. Taking a 10 minute break will help you to retain 20% more information than not doing so.

12. Get emotional. Emotional responses help you to lock in memories and recall them easier. This way, you can store up to twice as much information as normal.

13. Think of a rhyme to associate with. It’s much easier to recall strings of information if it’s built into a rhyming structure.

14. Constantly forget what you went into a room to fetch? (I do this all the time!) Then try out this little trick, it has really helped me. Before you go into the room, visualize the object you are going in there for. No more forgetting and having to stand there, looking confused and annoyed.

And I have one last bonus tip for you. If you want to keep your memory improving as you age, play video games. Seriously. Check out this quick video explanation. And the next time your parents, friends, wife, husband etc complains about your playing time, tell them you are working on improving your memory!

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